Hi everyone! I’m Courtney! I’m 22 with a slight caffeine addiction. I’m in my first year of grad school in a Ph.D. program for nutritional sciences. This is both crazy exciting and totally terrifying but either way it will be quite an adventure.  As I’ve decided to dedicate years of my life to nutrition you may be able to guess I have a passion for it. I love cooking, baking and trying to make the most delicious and healthy recipes I can. I’ve always been a picky eater so recently I’ve made it my goal to try new foods and explore everything the food world has to offer. Some other facts about me: I consider myself both a reluctant exerciser,  because while I often dread getting up and starting once I’m moving I don’t want to stop (except with running but that’picks another story for another time), and a reluctant morning person, because I would love to sleep all day but I struggle to sleep late and I am so much more productive in the morning.  If I’m not buried in school work, I can be found sleeping, just kidding (kind of), making a mess in my kitchen, working out, pretending I have time for a social life, or trying to find away to do any of these activities while reading or watching tv.  

      I look forward to exploring, healthy food, fitness, and the craziness of life with you!