28 Days of Small Wins

Hey all! I’m excited to share that this week I am starting something new! When the year started I made some goals related to sleeping better and then for the start of my semester I made some more goals which are going pretty well. But a little too far into the month I stumbled upon an article on PureWow that suggested taking on small daily goals. As it was for January they called it 31 days of small wins, so I’m borrowing that ideas and will refer to mine as 28 days of small wins.  I loved the idea and have decided to do it this month! I took some other there ideas and came up with a few of my own to replace the ones that they had which didn’t fit my life. I put together a calendar that has each day labeled with its goal.

Most goals have a self-care vibe, doing little things that will make me feel good or make my life a little better. I tried to think ahead and put things on the days that would make the most sense for them. In this process, I realized how hard it is to plan ahead when there are uncertainties in the future. That being said I will try to stick to the schedule but I am also giving myself permission to move around the days if I need to as long as I do something each day!

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 11.19.44 AM.png

(I had added an editable and printable version at the bottom if you want to join the challenge and personalize your goals!)

With this month-long exercise, I really hope to add a little more intention to be present in each day and more intention to being kinder toward myself.

Some of the days that I am most looking forward to are the 15th for discount valentine’s day candy, the 6th to take a fitness class I’ve never taken before, my school’s gym offers a ton of classes and new options on Tuesdays include Pilates, Calorie Killer, Power-N-Core, and Kickboxing. I’m also excited to try a meditation app on the 11th. I’ve seen good things about Calm but would absolutely love to hear any other suggestions you may have! On the 24th, toward the end of the month, I plan to spend time outside to enjoy being outside. I’m hoping the weather will start to warm up by then so I can lose some layers and get to feel the warmth of the sun on my skin.

At the end of the month, I will do a post, to sum up how it went but I will try to post daily about each activity on my Instagram, @classicandcaffeinated, if you want to follow along as I go, I’ll also tagging those posts with #28daysofsmallwins.

I’d like to challenge you all to treat yourself to some self-care activities. Whether you do it for a month using my ideas or just a day here or there doing something you know you love.  I love to hear what your feel-good activities are or if you are going to take the challenge too!

28 Days of small wins

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