2019 I’m coming for you!

Tomorrow will be day one of 365, a fresh start and I’m excited for it. The past year has been busy and I’ve lost focus on a lot of things including this blog.

The past few months have been especially bad. But I’m using the new year as a chance to reset and turn things around. This is the basis for my New Years resolutions. I start a new semester Next week so I will be posting a set of separate goals for the spring semester before then. But for now here are my resolutions and goals for 2019.

  1. Get back to moving!

     I enjoy exercise but I often skip because I’m busy or tired or insert reason here. This can snowball into weeks of missing my favorite classes and then doing nothing. So my goal is to get back to my favorite classes, like yoga and barre, and a good spin class. I also want to try a few new ones like pilates.

I’ve also been taking the bus across campus instead of walking a lot lately it might not sound like a lot but walking both ways is over 2 miles which can add up to almost half the steps recommended by the American Heart Association. It’s also an easy way to get some movement in my day.

2.  No Drink January

I’ve been drinking a lot more lately due to holidays, social events, and stress this can have a lot of effects which I’d like to reverse a bit. Alcohol consumption can up regulate the expression of genes that break down alcohol and other substances in the body. This effect is what will increase tolerances and can also speed up drug metabolism.

Alcohol also promotes the creation and storage of fat. Due to increased calories and changes in metabolism this can lead to the well known “beer belly” but it can be due to any source of alcohol.

Instead of coming home and enjoying wine or a cocktail I think I will substitute with something else. On school nights I’m thinking tea might be nice to calm down from the day and relax for bed. If I want something a little different I might try mock-tails made with 100% fruit juice and sparkling water or something similar.  If I come up with some good recipes I might put together a post to share them.

3. Finish Moving In

I moved into a new apartment in August and never finished getting thing put away. My walls aren’t decorated, I have things I bought that I haven’t taken out of the box. Over the next few weeks I want to get organized and start adding personalized touches like house plants, wall art, and other decor.

January always fells so fresh and clean to me so it is the perfect time to wash everything and put it away. I have new things I got for Christmas and my birthday that I need to find homes for and this period of cleaning and organization is the best time to do so. I will try to remember to take photos so I can put together a before and after post to document my progress.

4. Read more

     I have always loved reading but I have been a fun combination of busy and lazy lately. That pushes me to turn on the tv when I get home so I can shut off my brain instead of picking up a book. My goal for this year is to read more. I have a pile of unread books that I would like to get though by the end of the year, If I finish those and read more than thats even better!

 So these are my goals for the year. Next month I will check in and update on how it is going. I would love to hear what you guys are hoping to accomplish in 2019!

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