Life in the era of the corona virus

let me tell you if your have adequate nutrition a vitamin C supplement will hurt not help. This is probably the thing giving me the most grief during this time. Every instagram influencer to doctors are recommending vitamin C which is crazy! Because as a grad student in nutrition I know vitamin C does not play a direct roe in the immune system. If you have adequate intake vitamin C supplementation during the coronavirus scare can lead to more damage that benefit. Supplementation or high levels of vitamin C intake can lead to destruction of vitamin C so the body only absorbs needed levels. If one is to stop supplementation like once the scare ends it can lead to a condition known as rebound scurvy, where the body’s adaptation to destroying excess vitamin C results in a deficiency.

If you have adequate nutrition there should not be much you can do nutritionally to benefit you during this time. Which is good. It means you are prepared.

Your main concerns should be washing your hands properly or using handsanitizer to cleanse oneself. Social distancing leaving roughly 6 ft between others is our best best at preventing disease.

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