Back-To-School Shopping

    I have always loved back to school shopping fresh supplies to prepare for a new year! Now I have a stock pile of a lot of things but there are some things I still need.  I put together a list of 16 items I want for the start of the semester. These are items that go beyond my typical grocery lists and are perfect for the on the go lifestyle I normally keep as student and the supplies are ones I can’t function or learn without!

     I’m going to explain left to right and top to bottom and all items are linked to where you can by them online (most are target links simply because I love target and it made them easier to find all at once).Also The header image cuts off the bottom so the full image is also at the bottom. 

Muji pens I love these pens! They write really smoothly and they have a fine tip which I think makes my handwriting look better. I also feel like they last forever. I study best by copying over my notes so I write everything down not once but twice (maybe three times if the final is cumulative) each semester,so I need pens that last me and these are great. The company also has these in other colors and other size tips but the finer the tip the more expensive they get so I settle for middle size tip. 

Hair Ties I kind of hate my hair so my go to solution is to put it up and forget about it. My hair is in a pony tail or a bun more than 80% of the time. I know how bad it can be for the hair so I try to be better but after a few days of it being it in my face and wrapping around my neck I cave and up it goes. This however works perfectly because I’m in the sciences and when doing experiments and following lab safety rules my hair has to be tied back anyways. My hair is thick and heavy so I need the strongest hair ties I can get and these do the job. Even with strong hair ties I have a tendency to break, lose, or lend out so many that have always need to buy more.

Tide to go I try to be neat but crap happens and my clothes get left with marks and stains. I find it helps to keep Tide to go in my bag so when I drop a fork full of chipotle in my lap or stab myself with a pen leaving a mark. I helps to be able to treat it right away. Not always but sometimes it gets the whole stain and I don’t have to walk around the rest of the day looking like the mess of a human I am, which is alway a plus in my book.

Wrinkle Releasing Spray I know I should have and use an iron but it takes so much time and I would rather spend my money on other things (Like that chipotle I’m going to spill or wine!) But whats great about this stuff is it works with or without and iron. You spray it on your wrinkled clothes and let them hang until they dry and there is a huge decrease in wrinkles. I usually don’t think that far ahead so I put the clothes on realize how wrinkled they are and spray, letting it dry hanging of of my body, its not the best result but its good enough for me. When you ironing if you spray the clothing and then iron it saves you time ironing. A plus it smells great to that shirt you out on the took off and just found balled up in your closet is just a few minutes from being ready to wear.

Blister Band-aids So I just found out about the recently and I can’t wait to buy them. I get horrible blisters every time I change between my seasonal shoes, especially when walking more than I’m used to. From the reviews I read most people loved them it seams the trick is to put it on a blister right after it forms as opposed to wait until its a huge bloody or pussy mess. I’m super excited to try these, hopefully they will keep the back of my feet from looking like they went through a wood chipper.

Iphone charger I try to keep one close at all times because I use my phone probably more than I should. I used to keep one by my bed for overnight charges and one in my bag for on the go but when I got my car my on the go charger became the car charger and now I need a new one for my bag.  I’ve tried just remembering to carry on of my other ones but I forget and then my phone gets down to 30% and I panic. I need a fully charged phone in case of emergencies I’m terrified of being hurt and not able to call for help.

Plastic Cups with Lids I love to make smoothies for breakfast to take on the go but I hate having to carry around a dirty cup all day especially when I have to change locations multiple times. With these I can just recycle them when I’m don’t and not have to worry about the nasty green sludge cup I left in a classroom. This is also nice because I can make a weeks worth of smoothies on Sunday and stick the whole cup in the freezer until the night before when I move it to the fridge. In the morning its unthawed and I have a delicious and nutritious breakfast to get me through until I find time for lunch.

Yogurts  I do my best to plan ahead but sometimes I just need something quick I can grab and run out the door with. I love yogurt because it comes in so many varieties and I can always find the perfect one for me. While I normally try to find options with less sugar when I want a sweet treat the Chobani yogurts have so many options. I  am guilty of falling victim to their new and seasonal flavors.  I like to keep a few single serve yogurts in my fridge, I try to keep a mix of styles, brands, and flavors around so I have whatever I might be craving at that moment. It is also great because usually at least some type of yogurt is on sale.

K-Cup Coffee I have a Keurig and I love it. It makes K-cups fast and easily but it also will heat up water for tea bags or oatmeal when I need it. I am a Starbucks fan but I might love there at home products more because you get the same great flavors but so much cheaper. I must confess I don’t love the taste of coffee so when its flavored it helps a lot. I’m excited to bring back fall flavors and get ready for the new season. I’ll use these with a splash of unsweetened vanilla almond milk and some stevia to power through the start of the semester.

Post-its I love post-its. I write out a million todo list each week and they are the perfect size and I can stick the to everything and keep them close and visible so I don’t forget. One problem I have is that when I am trying to focus on one task other thoughts and todos will pop into my head. It helps me quickly write them down so I can get back to focusing on my task. But I wrote it down on a sticky and  I know I will remember to address it later. Plus fun colors so they are cute and productive! I’ll take all of them please.

Lint Roller At the start of the semester I try to look my best which includes making sure my favorite black pants actually look black and not gray because they are covered in white fuzzy. I feel like new clothes tend to give of and collect more fuzz so I want to be able to get rid of the fuzzy so I can look good and so I don’t spend a whole lecture picking fuzz balls of my pants and then come the test not have remembered learning it.

Instant Coffee Packets More coffee, sorry but I run on caffeine and stress so its required. What I love about these is that they are so easy. Seriously because it iced coffee you don’t even need hot water. Which makes them perfect for on the go. These are also flavored and presweetened so you add them to water, shake or stir and enjoy. I like this because when I’m on campus I want to stay there and keep working I don’t want to have to wander to go get coffee. They also come in other flavors and there are versions of the refreshers which I love and are perfect for non-coffee drinkers.

Larabars While I enjoy many of the flavors I prefer the Fruits + Greens ones. I like the taste and the idea that i’m upping my spinach intake. Also these tend to have fewer calories than the original variety so they feel more like a snack than two. This is a bit of a trade off though for fewer calories to work it has less fiber and protein which is a bummer. On the bright side it also has less sugar and fat. They also have iron, which I love because so many people are iron deficient. So depending on what your looking for these might work for you.

Mascara While I need coffee to keep me awake and functional I find that the best way for me to look awake, even when featuring dark circles and bags is a swipe of mascara. it just makes my eyes look wide open. I like use this one and love it, its not super expensive, sometimes my eyes can be sensitive to eye make up but this has never given my a problem and this one is water proof.  So from the first few hot and sweat days of the semester, to rain storms, to emotional breakdowns, my mascara will survive.

To go coffee cups Again I hate having to carry beverage containers around all day, they look gross and I forget or lose them. Paper cups are nice because I can recycle them here I also like that they are cheerful and fun which helps to brighten my morning. Just the fact that they make my life easier is reason enough to put these on my list but this brand also supports a good cause.

Chocolate Covered Almonds When I study I often need a treat to help keep me focused and to allow myself a little emotional eating. I like these because they are milk chocolate, I’m picky and not a fan of dark chocolate. I also like while I get my chocolate fix I also get added protein and healthy fats. So studying is made better and I’m happy. I try to enjoy only occasionally and in small servings to make the bag last as long as possible.

photo template     I still have many leftover Items like paper and folders from previous semesters and I have my laptop which I wouldn’t be able to be a student without.  I also have an agenda but its January through December so I don’t need a new one yet but If you don’t have these things i would highly recommend adding them to your lists.

Let me know what you think, if I forgot anything major or if there are special little things that make your back-to-school life easier!

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