My Recent (Crazy) Life

First off, I want to apologize for be absent for so long. I have been super busy these last few weeks with the start of school. After my first week of school I road tripped to CT and then to Boston before making the 7 hr trip home. That didn’t necessarily set me up for an organized or well rested second week. But I survived it and spent last week end relaxing/recovering and after a busy week. I’m starting to find a balance between school, sleeping, live and the blog. This weekend I am prepping some posts for the up coming week and I’m going to try to and stay balanced.  I figured I would take the opportunity to up date on how my goals are going. Its only a few weeks in but checking in my goals will help me remember what they are and how I’m planing on accomplishing them.

Goal 1: Use time wisely: I’ve been using my week days pretty well. I’ve been really tired lately while I adjust to my new schedule so I haven’t had much free time not spent sleeping but during my working hours if I can focus on my task at hand I will work on homework, readings, or paying bills. All important tasks and what I think is a worthy use of my time.

Goal 2: Keep up with old friends-but don’t let it stop me from making new ones: This has gone pretty well. I’ve been talking to, texting, and snapchatting with old friends. I even got to see my old roommate for a few hours when I went home for the weekend which was great. I have also been spending time with my cohort and a girl I meet at orientation. Last weekend I went hiking with my cohort and I went to happy hour with my department three weeks ago which was fun. I also have gone out to dinner and boba tea with a girl I met at orientation. It has been fun seeing her at least once a week since we meet. Last night we went to a local restaurant which has spike milkshakes, buckets of fries and burgers almost to big to eat. It was fun and I had leftovers which made a delicious dinner tonight!

Goal 3: Actually Study: So I have my first exam coming up this week and today I had a study group with other students in my class. I was supposed to have a quiz last week but it got canceled because the professor forgot about it. But before that quiz I got together with 2 other students to study. I have also be looking over the information I need for the review tests I have for my nutrition class. I have been doing really well with those having reviewed enough information to have enough info for the test questions.

Goal 4: Try at least one new food per week: It hasn’t been perfect, I had to cheat a little two weeks ago, one week my new food was raw peppers and the following week it was cooked peppers, I didn’t have time to grocery shop when I was home.  But I’ve tried shrimp, peppers, figs, and this week chai tea. I’m thinking of a salmon dish for next week but we’ll see when I go grocery shopping next weekend.

Goal 5: Wash dirty dishes immediately: This also has not been perfect. I bought dishwasher detergent which mean I can load my dishwasher instead of doing all the dishes. For the most part it has been going well but this past Wednesday I had to make a dish for our lab potluck while working on a project and once I was done with both all I wanted was to go to bed, so I waited until the next day to wash those dishes but the majority of the time I’ve been keeping up with it which is good.

Hopefully, I will keep making progress with these goals  and also start to do better balancing everything in my life! Let me know what you think, or if you have any tips to help me accomplish my goals!


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