Friday Favorites: Oct. 28th, 2017

Hey All! I’m starting a new series to try and be more regular with my blog posts. It will be a handful of my favorite things from the week, the season, or along some theme. I hope to have a lot of fun with this!

This week I have been stressed with a take home exam over the week end and then studying for an exam Thursday night and having crazy hours in labs which while I love what I’m doing it can still be a lot. Which makes it important for me to take time and recognize things that I enjoy and that make me smile.


Favorite Evening Activity: Watching a Hallmark movie, Good Witch Spellbound: This movie was  on Sunday night. I stubbled on to the series on Netflix about a month ago and tore through it in days. The story of these lovable characters and their adorable town warms my heart and it is a halloween episode so it pours out feelings of fall. I watched it curled up in blankets sipping on a glass of  apple pie sangria with fall candles burning in the background. It was a cozy fall evening and a relaxing way to end the weekend before another crazy week begins.

IMG_0627.JPG copy


Favorite Caffeinated Beverage: Double Pumpkin Spice Coffee: Last week my keurig started acting weird, not making the right sized drinks so I washed it with a vinegar solution and rinsed it with clean water but when I first made a coffee this week  I added my creamer and it got a gross so I ran through more water and made a new coffee but I was afraid to add cream to it so I added in one of my pumpkin spice Starbucks instant coffees and it was both delicious and supper caffeinated and helped me get a good start to a long day! I figured out I left the water filter in when I cleaned it and when I made that first coffee the vinegary filter was still in there and it contaminated my coffee so it is all good now that I got ride of the filter and I have enjoyed may cups of coffee since.


Favorite Dinner: Pumpkin Alfredo: Wednesday night I got home I wasn’t feeling any of the leftovers I had. I wanted pasta, which is a good thing I always keep pasta around. When I was in high school I took a foods class and one of the recipes we made was an Alfredo and the basic recipe has stuck with me. So I quickly whipped up an Alfredo sauce but gave it a fall twist by adding pumpkin.  It was creamy and cheesy and is becoming one of my favorite new fall comfort foods. It warms you from the inside and provided the perfect meal to enjoy before I dug into my microbio notes for my exam on Thursday.

IMG_0652.JPG copy

Favorite outfit: Cozy sweater, leggings, and boots: Now that the weather is finally starting to feel seasonally appropriate I was able to wear a fall outfit. I have had all of these pieces for years. The outfit wasn’t super fancy, which is fine because I don’t have to dress for classes or lab. I did wear the boots rather than sneakers to look a little less casual. I like that the shirt and leggings I wore were long enough to cover my but when I wore leggings. It was a cozy fall outfit for a fall day. And I plan on wearing it (I’m totally an outfit repeater), or at least a similar one again soon.


Favorite Song: Drunk Last Night: Lately I’m been really into Eli Young Band. Their songs feel cozy and warm, like fall. The have been the perfect back drop to my commute, cooking sessions, and school work. I compiled most of there songs into a playlist on Spotify and have been using it almost non-stop.

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