This week in review

Hey Everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your week. It was my first full week from break and it felt so long. I swear on Monday I was as tired as I normally am on Friday but as the week went on it got better. With the start of classes I got to start finding my routines for the semester and I got to see friends and classmates which was exciting.

Overall it was a great week and here are some of the highlights!

I love breakfast food and over the weekend I made a couple great brunches before I got to work getting organized and running errands. Saturday I had an open breakfast sandwich on whole wheat bread with cream cheese, pesto, arugula and a fried eggs with a side of breakfast sweat potatoes and some berries. Then Sunday I used zucchini bread that my grandmother had made to make french toast, which I topped with maple syrup and berries.

On Saturday afternoon I had a late lunch with a friend. We went to a local restaurant and I had a great salad with apples and walnuts. It looked so good I started eating it without taking a picture. Oops! Then I went to target and stocked up on cleaning supplies and other household essentials that were on sale. I’m really excited about the bottle brush I got, which is perfect for cleaning my s’well water bottle that I used in fitness classes this week.


Monday was a good day in lab I was very productive in the morning and then I had class. I’m very excited about this class but we don’t have enough students for it to run so I’ve got my fingers crossed we find another student. After I went back to lab until it was time to change and head my spin class. Being in the class was amazing! I haven’t been to a spin class in over a year and I’m so happy I went even though the bike seat was really uncomfortable.

After spin I went home and heated up leftovers for dinner.  I made garlic butter salmon with roasted sweet potatoes, green beans, and brussels sprouts at the end of last week and had the leftovers for a quick dinner after working out. Leftovers are one of my favorites because they have all the flavor with almost no work!

I enjoyed dinner while watching Netflix. Last week I started watching Young & hungry. I’m really enjoying it but it is only half hour episodes so its going by quickly. Which is good because I try to avoid binge watching during the semester do I don’t end up on watching when I should be working. After dinner I was still a little hungry so I had homemade chocolate chip granola with almond milk before hoping in the shower and heading to bed.

On Tuesday I had a few fun drinks. Starbuck release a new type of espresso, their blonde expresso. I know very little about coffee but I thrive on caffeine so I had to try it. I stopped and got a Blonde Vanilla Latte with nonfat milk  before my class. I was really enjoying the experience until I got to my classroom and found out it was in a super steep lecture hall with mini desks that would not hold my notepad and my coffee.

Luckily, the professor hated the classroom as much as I did and is trying to change the room. She handed out the syllabus explained the grading and had us go around and introduce ourselves before letting us out early. I’m in the class with a friend I met in a class last semester and we ended up standing outside the room talking for a while which was nice and we made plans to try and go to fitness classes together this semester, which I’m super excited for!

Tuesday night I heard from a Professor from my undergrad institution that he is almost done with his draft of a paper based on research I did and that I will get to read it, make comments and suggestions and then be that much closer to being an author on a published paper. To celebrate I was like I’ll have a glass of wine but I don’t have any wine so it ended up being a glass of kombucha.


Wednesday I had a slower start to my day then I intended but it was okay. I got to lab and got some work done. Before going to class I had my first nutritional epidemiology class. This is the class I’m most worried about this semester it is completely different from anything I have ever done before and its very statistically heavy which is not my strength. So this will be a lot of work but the professor seems good and I am ready for it.

After class I did trainings in labs until It was time to change and go to yoga. Thinking back it has been a while since  since I’ve gone to a yoga class. I’ve done many videos on my own since but I forgot what its like to be in a class.

After class I went home and made dinner. I heated up leftover roast garlic and cauliflower soup and paired it with a delicious grilled cheese sandwich. I spread pesto on both slices of bread toped it with swiss cheese and avocado before heating it in a frying pan until the bread was toasty and the cheese was gooey! The sandwich wad so good I miss it.

When I woke up I was super hungry so I new the smoothie I had planned on wasn’t going to be enough to fill me so I made avocado toast topped with  a scrambled egg to go with it. The toast was amazing and provided me with a perfectly balanced meal, including protein, whole grains, healthy fats, fruit and veggies.

Thursday I had a meeting with the professor I work for planning out our research goal for the semester and when we will start our experiments.  It is going to be a tone of work but I am excited.

After class I stayed in lab until it was time to change and leave for Zumba.  It has been a while since I have been to a Zumba class but It was a great time. I think one of my favorite parts of Zumba is that I’m horrible so it is equal parts working out and laughing at myself.  For dinner I have leftover brussels sprout calzone from Tuesday night while I filled in my 2018 planner that finally arrived!

I started Friday off  with waffles and fruit! Then I put in some face time in lab before heading to class. This was my least stressful class of the week because it is the second half of a class I started last semester so I know the professor, the other students and that I only have a weekly paper to read and come up with 2 questions on and one presentation left.

I had an afternoon class that is long and going to be hard to stay focused in but the topic is interesting so hopefully that will help. I had a little more to do in lab so I got that done before walking across campus to my car. As I walked the rain started getting heavier and heavier. After I got to my car it started to pour which made grocery shopping really fun. NOT! But I really need to get food and I picked up a few things I wasn’t planning on which should make good snacks and treats during the week.

I finished of the week with a glass of wine while making pad thai and watching this weeks episode of the bachelor. All in all a good first week of the semester and I will use the weekend to get ahead on work for school and the blog!  How was your week?


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