Sick Days

Its that time of year, cold and flu season. It seems that everyone around you is coughing and sneezing. And if you are anything like me it makes you cringe a little because you know they are not properly covering that cough or sneeze and are instead spreading their germs around!

And with all this exposure I know the chances of getting sick are going to be increased. That said I like to be prepared for getting sick in advance. Especially living alone with no one to check on you or take care of you. Its nice to be prepared.  I know one of the worst things is when you are sick, you feel like death personified and just want to go home and climb in bed, but first have to run to the store because you are out of tissues, cold medicine, and only have an onion left in the fridge.


I put together a list of some things I like to keep on hand just incase I get sick.

    • Medicines:
      • Your favorite painkiller/fever reducer
      • Cold medicine
      • Cough drops
      • Allergy medicine
      • Itch cream
    • Supplies
      • Tissues
      • Ice pack
      • Heat pack
    • Food and Drink
      • Ginger ale or ginger tea
      • Peppermint tea
      • Honey
      • Crackers
      • Jello
      • Brat diet (for getting over stomach issues)
        • Rice
        • Bread for toast
        • Applesauce
        • Bananas (if you eat them regularly, otherwise they will just go bad)
      • Chicken noodle soup


In addition to being prepared for when I do get sick I try to prevent it. I wash my hands or use hand sanitizer frequently and make a point to make healthy choices when I know I need to keep my immune system at its best including eating well and staying hydrated!


If your body is stressed because it isn’t getting what it needed it will make it that much harder on your immune system to fight off any illnesses you maybe exposed too. Most people think of vitamin C when trying to avoid getting sick. While vitamin C is important may of the micronutrients including vitamin A, E, and B (B-6 and folic acid), along with iron, zinc, and selenium. Another nutrient that is often overlooked for immune health is protein.  Just some things to keep in mind to try and avoid getting sick!

While I hope you are and continue to be healthy if you do get sick I hope this helps you prepare in advance! What are your favorite things to keep on hand for when you don’t feel well?

  • Note: I just used what I had on hand for images. I think it is important to buy what you know works for your and avoid the medication you know don’t. For example I tend to stick to day/nyquil products because I know they work for me and that other multi-symptom cold medications give me horrible headaches that make me feel worse. But I also know people where that is the complete opposite.

One thought on “Sick Days

  1. livechicandwell says:

    A useful list thanks. We get through a ridiculous amount of tissues at this time of year!
    Thankfully my immunity seems to be very good after teaching young kids for 10 years but it’s always good to remind my own kids to wash their hands regularly etc.


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