The Reverse Bucket List

I have been thinking about this idea for a couple weeks now but I didn’t have a name for it until the other day when I clicked a link in and email from the glitter guide and it was such a ‘Yes! This is it!’ moment that I had to it share!

It started back around New Years when I was talking with a friend about what a long and tough year 2017 had been. I was so ready for it to be over but at the same time I felt a little guilty Because I did a lot of really great stuff in 2017 that was worth remembering and celebrating but I was not quite sure how until now.

The article mentions how bucket lists can be great for inspiring us to the future but they can also be a reminder of what we have not yet accomplished. So in this way a reverse bucket list can be a reminder of what we have done and that we have a lot to be proud of no matter how small to how big these things are done.

I’ve always been the type of person to make todo lists and cross things off as I finish things because I love the satisfaction of crossing tasks of. But sometimes I do something that wasn’t on the list so I will add it to the list and cross it off because I think its important to celebrate all the work we do.

Given that It feels like a no brainer that I should have a Reverse bucket list. I have started to think about what to put on the list and some ideas, the big stuff has come easily, but some of the smaller stuff has taken more thought. I know my list will continue to grow as I accomplish more and reflect more on my life but below I have shared my list so far.


My Reverse Bucket List
  • Graduated College with Distinction
  • Presented my research poster at a conference
  • Graduated High School
  • Got into Grad School
  • Paid for a Vacation by myself
  • Told my Mom no so that I could travel alone to my grad school interview
  • Found friends in grad school
  • Have become more willing to try new foods and things
  • Learning to do things alone

One thing the article from the glitter guide said is that making this type of list can have benefits including feelings of gratitude and I have to agree. After putting together this list and going through my photos to get some matching visuals I am feeling grateful for the opportunities I have had and the friends, mentors, and general support I have had along way. And of my own spirit and perseverance! I also find that thinking about all I have done inspires me. It reminds me that I am working toward goals and that as I accomplish steps along the way I am getting closer and closer even if the goals still feel far away!

If you interesting in making your own reverse bucket list and are struggling to come up with ideas ask friends and family. Often it harder to think about your own successes than it is to think about those of others! What types of accomplishment make it on to your reverse bucket list?

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