Spring Semester Goals

A new semester is a restart for my academic life a chance to celebrate by setting new goals to try and better my life specifically my on campus life. I have a three major goals for my semester which I will explain below.

  1. Keep in touch with friends- Since starting grad school I have had class with the same girl every semester. We don’t have class together this semester but my goal is to stay in touch with her even though I won’t be seeing her multiple times a week. I can be bad at out of sight out of mind so I am going to make a point to reach out to her to grab coffee or lunch in the next few weeks.
  2. Stop PROCRATINATING (so much)- I know this is a big one so I wont pretend I will stop all together but my procrastinating brings me a lot of anxiety so I hope by minimizing my procrastinating I can try to combat my anxiety a little. In the past semesters I have gotten to the point where I don’t finish assignments until the day of which is hard when I have a lot going on that day. So this semester I want all assignments, readings, and studying to be done the night before.
  3. My last major goal is to remember I’m human and my health needs are a priority- I need to remember that making time to eat well, drink water, and exercise, and sleep are important. I also need to remember that these thing don’t just happen but they take time and I need make time for that. It is okay to spend a couple hours at home so I can relax before bed and it is okay to spend a few hours not doing homework so I can meal prep for the week.

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