Fall (Semester) Goals and Bucket List!

I’m back! This past year has been really rough with a really bad roommate and basically made me too anxious to spend time in the common spaces of my apartment ie the kitchen (my favorite place!) I was on campus from 7am until 5-6 most days and most of what I ate was microwaved or made before my roommate woke up on weekend mornings. 

I’m putting that behind me now and getting back to being myself now that I am bad roommate free. My new school year starts today and it has me thinking about how best to organize myself and in the mood to set goals and make bucket lists! While I know it isn’t quite fall yet (although I’m more than ready for Fall and apple picking has begun so I’m just waiting for a PSL and it will be unofficially-official!) my fall semester lists will also include fall so it keeps it all in one place!

First up, School/work stuff: 

  • Keep my desk/lab space organized- while this is a good practice in general I am TAing this fall and will be meeting with students there and want to keep it looking nice both so they think well of me and so I don’t waste time looking for things. 
  • I want to better organize my time, trying to keep school and lab work Sunday 4-6pm them Monday-Friday 8:30-5:30pm. Then I can have nights and weekend for me time and my TA responsibilities. 

Next, Social:

  • Make time for my friends and help to plan/put together activities both with friends and school friends. Some of my ideas so far include:
    • Hitting up a local farm that has apple picking, a corn maze, and a pumpkin patch.
    • A bonfire with smores and warm hot cider or mulled wine
    • Tailgating for a football game if I there is a group interested

For the Home:

  • Decorate for fall- I love how festive this time of year can be and I plan to decorate to celebrate! I have a fall entrance rug, throw pillows, dish towels, table runner, and a few other decor pieces. I will also get a nice collection of pumpkins and gourds . Over all I want a festive and cozy feel!    
  • Along the same lines I want to make my space smell like fall! I just placed an order for candles and will be ordering some fall-spice oils later this week so it can always smell like fall!!

Lastly, for Me:

  • First I want to figure out a smooth morning routine, I have a bad habit of turning on a TV show while I get ready but I think it slows me down. I think once I find something that works and do it often I will help me move faster in the morning and I think it will help Hollie get with the program.
  • I also want to get back to focusing on myself and my sleep. I have many tricks and tools for better sleep and calming like oils, and blue light glasses, I just need to use them. Also part of this would be to stop watching tv up until I go to bed, instead I want to start reading before bed. 
  • Hopefully that will help me accomplish my goal of reading one book for fun this semester. I have quiet a few unread books I’m homing one of them has some fall vibes to go with the season!
  • More go to activities for me include watching tv and movies. I want to try and pick the ones that are festive. Gilmore Girls especially the early seasons feel like fall to me so I will probably do some rewatching of the series to be festive. I’m also a sucker for hallmark movies especially the seasonal ones like their harvest festival and soon enough the christmas. Both are also great to have playing while grading because they are cheer-y and comforting but also don’t require much focus. 
  • Over the summer it has been hot and humid and not great being outside weather now that it is starting to cool down It will get nice again and while its nice out I want to try to take Hollie for a nice walk at least 3 days a week and try to explore some of the local hiking trails especially once the leaves start to change. I think it will be beautiful!
  • Lastly, I want to make it a point to try new recipes every week! This time of year has so many great flavors and I’m looking forward to trying new ways to enjoy them! I have a few cook books and I want to try to make some of those recipes especially from my gilmore girl cookbooks! I’m excited!

I’d love to hear what you guys are excited for during this exciting time of year! Happy back to school and happy almost fall!!

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