My Favorite Kitchen Items

I know I have not posted anything in a while but It has been a hard year with a sucky roommate. Probably the hardest part was off anxious it made me to be in our shared space including the kitchen because I love to cook and bake and experiment in the kitchen. I’ve posted a few recipes and now that I’m moving on from the roommate I can’t wait to get back into the kitchen to get creative again!

Today I worked from home and multitasked intro writing with chores like running the dishwasher and doing laundry! Really living it up! While I was unloading the dishwasher I pulled out one of my glass bowls and it struck me how much I love it. That inspired todays post on my favorite kitchen items!

Most of these items either get used almost everyday, are what i consider lifesavers, or bring me joy!

First up this set of working/storage bowls. This was one of my first kitchen purchases. I bought them when I moved into an apartment my senior year of undergrad. I got them from Williams and Sonoma which feels really fancy but they are super reasonably priced. I love them because I used them for so much. The set comes with 3 bowls and each has a lid. I use the big ones as mixing bowls when I bake, to store food I’ve prepped for the week, and sometimes as a fruit bowl when I go crazy in the produce section. I love the little one for mixing up eggs. I eat eggs most days and this is the perfect size to scrabble 2 or three eggs or to mix up a dip. they also nest really well for storage so all around they are winners!

I do not have a picture of all three together so I am using this one from Williams and Sonoma, which gives you and Idea of what the set looks like!
This is the large bowl in action holding the filling for a weeks worth of breakfast burritos!

Next, 4 cup measuring cup. This is another item I use in a variety of ways. Of course, it works as a liquid measuring cup but I also use it as a mixing bowl when I’m mixing something i will need to pour like a large batch of eggs for a frittata. Also, great when making large batches of coffee or tea because it can handle the heat and has the spout to pour from!

Perfect for prepping multiple cups of tea at one time!

My extra large wine glass, I saw this online at crate and barrel and it first caught my eye because of the size. Especially after a long week I know I am going to drink most of the bottle, this glass lets me cut down on the number of times I have to getup to refill and therefore helps me relax. Added bonus its size is perfect for sangria because you can fit plenty of liquid and fruit in the glass. And if that wasn’t enough this glass is also break, chip, and scratch resistant so if you are clumsy (especially after a few large glasses of wine) this is a great choice.

As I said it perfect for sangria, in this case Caramel apple sangria. This picture has me counting down the days until its fall!

Donut pan, I bought this so I could make my own apple cider donuts. I have used it so much since. I lost my muffin pan in my last move and have since learned pretty any muffin recipe can also be a baked donut recipe!

Donut pan featuring Apple Cider donuts, again how long until fall food and drinks?

9X13 baking pan with lid, I was actually give this as a Christmas gift during a baking phase (that never ended) in high school. So, I have had this for about 8 years and it has held up well. my roommate has used some knifes in it that has not been great for the nonstick coating so I will be replacing it soon. It is great for solo living because I can through the lid on it and store whatever I use it for, a cake or as a casserole dish. The lid is also great to bring it to potlucks. My department has a lot of potlucks and I have used it to transport, pasta salads, pumpkin mac and cheese( twice), cheese cake bites, and other yummy dishes!

I took these caramel apple cheese cake bites to a pot luck and didn’t have any leftovers, said for me but good for my friends!

Blender! I have gone through many a smoothie phase because they can be a nutritious and easy on the go breakfast! This was another first apartment necessity. Over the years I have learned it is also great for making soup, pesto, and hummus. When I use it for these often oily-savor dishes I love that I can throw it in the dishwasher for a thorough cleaning!

This is pic is from when I shared my cherry lemonade smoothie recipe, one of my favorites!

Wooden cutting boards, I slice dice, and chop most days. And while I appreciate that purpose what I love about these cutting boards are the look. They look nice as opposed to primary colored plastic cutting boards. I can easily used them as a serving platter in a pinch. And sometimes I use them as a plate when I have forgotten to run the dishwasher and am completing out of plates.

Maybe I’m a hipster maybe I ran out of plates. Either way it looks fancy!

Tea cup. There is something really satisfying about drinking tea out of an actual tea cup. It makes me really feel like I have my life together even though I 100% do not. I got this as and impulse purchase at anthropologie because it was cute and a good price. While this style is many years old they continuously have new cute styles like this one!

Holiday Mugs! I love the holidays! and take any opportunity to celebrate. So a Christmas mug is an easy way for me to shop my spirit with some hot cocoa or some peppermint mocha coffee. I had gotten this one as a Christmas present when I was like 12 and I dropped it in the kitchen of my freshman dorm and it shattered. I remember crying while picking up the pieces. My parents found it on eBay and replaced it that year for Christmas. I now treat it as if it was a newborn. But over the years I have collected up some more holiday mugs and nothing makes a cold December morning or night more festive. Etsy has so many that I would love but the one I want most is and I smell snow mug like this one because it is a Gilmore Girls quote, and I love Gilmore Girls about as much as I love Christmas!

This picture is from my apartment my senior year of undergrad and between the mug, the tree, the Christmas Oreos and the Disney Christmas album I’m playing in the picture I think you may get a glimpse of how hard I do Christmas!

While these are my favorite kitchen items I have so many others that I used and possibly even more that are still on my wishlist. Which I can share later. I’d love to hear what your favorite kitchen items are because why not make my wishlist longer?

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