Gift Guide: For the Aspiring Chef, Hostess, or Anyone with their first kitchen!

I love to cook and I am still working on gathering all the goodies for my kitchen. Here is a list of items on my kitchen wishlist this year and from the past few years!

  1. Dutch Oven– I found a bread recipe that instructs you to bake it in a dutch oven. I made the recipe in a pie plate with an aluminum foil lid instead and it worked but I think it would have been better with the proper tools. This will all so be great for soups, casseroles, and probably many other things I haven’t thought of yet! This one is oven safe to 500 degrees F, has great reviews and will not break the bank.
  2. Glass storage containers- I try to be good about using reusable storage options but the plastic containers I have make me worry about use in the microwave. I purchase 2 individual containers from this set over the summer and they have been great. I’m excited to hopefully add these to my collection!
  3. Waffle Iron– I have so many waffle recipes pinned but I can not make them without a waffle iron. I can see myself upping my breakfast and brunch game with this tool! Plus a waffle iron can apparently be used for not waffle items so the possibilities are endless!
  4. Salt and Pepper Shakers– I have been using the containers my salt and pepper came in but I keep over salting my food and I enjoy hosting people for dinner and I am ready for cute salt and pepper shakers I’m not embarrassed about!
  5. Cake pan with lid- I love this product, I have have had one fore about 7 years but my old roommate repetitively used a knife in the pan and it destroyed the non-stick coating. This is great for baking a cake or can be used for casseroles, I have made pumpkin mac and cheese in this for pot lucks over and over because the lid is super convenient.
  6. Super Simple Cook book– I have a small collection of cookbooks and am asking for this one. I have made many recipes from Tieghan’s blog Half baked harvest and can’t wait to see all the goodies that will be in this book!
  7. Tea kettle– I got this two years ago and recently have been using this almost daily either to boil water for instant espresso for homemade lattes or for sleepy time tea before bed. I love the blue color of mine so I leave mine on the stove top as decor.
  8. Cookie sheets– This is another tried and true item I asked for in 2017 and have been using constantly. the non stick is great and this is a large cookie sheet perfect size for homemade pizza, roasting veggies, and of course making cookies!

Is there anything you are dying to add to your kitchen’s this holiday season? Or something you have been given that know you can’t live without?

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