Gift Guide: Gilmore GIrls Fan

I am a huge Gilmore girls fan! I have been collecting Etsy gift ideas for years in hopes my mom would just think to search etsy and find the perfect gift. If you know a Gilmore Girls fan think of this as your one stop shop or if you are a Gilmore fan you can pass this on to your loved ones and cross your fingers all of these goodies make it to you for the holidays!

1)Stars Hollow Sweatshirt– I am a sweatshirt lover! Outside of work I live in sweatshirts as PJs, for walking my dog, for getting school work done, and especially when watching Gilmore girls! I think this would be a super cozy sweatshirt to add to my collection!

2)I Smell Snow Ornament– I love Christmas and I love snow! It is just one of the thinks I have in common with Lorelai Gilmore and this ornament is on my list because it will combine my love of GG and Christmas. I think this will look magical on my tree!

3) What she tackles she conquers mug– I have wanted something that has said this for a while. I think Richard Gilmore giving this complement to Rory was the biggest honor and I would love for someone to believe in me like this. I think having something with this quote would be a wonderful reminder of all that I am capable of!

4) Gilmore Girls Cookbook– I have had this cook book for about 2 years and I love it. I have made many of the recipes and sometimes just enjoy flipping through the pages as I watch the series.

5)Where You Lead Print– I got a version of this print for one of my best friends a few years ago for Christmas and she framed it has it on her dresser. We are currently living 8 hours apart while I’m at school and she always knows I will be there if she needs me.

6)Gilmore Girls and Dogs T-Shirt– This sounds like my perfect weekend! I can picture myself wearing this shirt while sitting on the couch with my dog and watching GG!

7)Lauren Graham’s Talking as Fast as You Can– This book was a fun read. A friend got this for me Christmas right before we went on a cruise. Recently, I met a classmate from Honduras and my friend had to remind me that I had been there. I totally forgot that I been to the country because I spent the day reading this book and that I remember.

8)Gilmore Girls Socks– I think these would go great with leggings, and the t-shirt and sweatshirt from above! And wine!

9)Drink Coffee Like A Gilmore Sign– I think this would be so cute next to my coffee maker. It would make me smile even before my morning coffee!

10)I Smell Snow Mug– I love how festive this mug is! I love coffee mugs and I thing this one would be an excellent addition to my collection and what would be a more perfect vessel for my coffee!

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