2020 Goals- Lets give it a try!

I put together a list of goals for last year and I started the year out with them they dropped off a bit but recently I started some of them again because they felt right. I will put them back on the list along with a few new ones I think will be good for me.

Last year was rough and I’m looking for a fresh start in 2020. I have a pretty good feeling about this up coming year.

First up coming back from next year:

  1. Dry(ish) January- I did this last year and it was a nice fresh way to start the year. I say dry(ish) because as much as I want to back off after over indulgence over the holidays I have girl friends who have wanted to go out for hot toddies since early October and if we finally get a chance I’ll have go and enjoy the night out!
  2. Read for fun more- I have had a hard time finding time to read for fun most of my reading is grad school related. I have so many unread books that I’m ready to enjoy. I’ve started to read for a little while before bed. Even if it is only a few pages its nice and peaceful. It helps me relax . I plan ahead for it and do a bit of a night time routine first, it lets me feel like I have my life together.

New Goals:

  1. Start and stick with a skin care routine- At this point I have tried various products and have my favorites but I want to get better about using these products routinely, I tend to get lazy and skip steps but I know how important it is to care for my skin, both my face and my body. I’m hoping it will help me feel like I have my life together too!
  2. Use my planner to its full potential- I got a simplified planner last year and while I used it well but there were a lot of goal and life simplification tips in the planner that I either couldn’t do at the time or wasn’t feeling up for. This year I would like to make it through more of the planner and simplified tips.
  3. Be more dedicated to posting- I often start a post but don’t finish it. I would love to set a number of posts like two per week but I’m worry about how successful I would be and if that would mess with me if I miss them. So for now I’m thinking four per month, this allows me to have more flexibility if I’m having a bad week or two. And I can always do more if that is was I’m feeling up for!
  4. Get Hollie outside more- Its hard to take her for long walk when its dark when I leave for work in the morning and when I get home in the evening, sprinkle in winter weather and it can be a week since her last good walk. I have more flexibility in my schedule this semester so I hope to either go in a little later or leave a little early 1-2 days per week so I can find some day light so we can go hiking on our favorite trails near my apartment.
  5. Most importantly I want to stop letting my anxiety control me, it often keeps me from doing things, I get too uncomfortable and put stuff off which only makes everything worse increasing the anxiety about the task. One of the ways I plan to address this is by getting a better handle on my anxiety. I plan to find and start seeing a therapist early this year.

I have listed some goals and I hope to check in with them in a few weeks to see what is sticking and which goals I either need to put more work into if they are important or to let them go if that is what suits me best. I’d love to hear what everyone else is hoping to accomplish with the new year!

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