Fall Adventures: Apple Picking!

Hi all! I am very excited that is September which to me means its the fall season even if fall doesn’t start for another few days. Because I love the season I am starting early I’ve been picking up decorations from target as I see the new items I like but I took my fall spirit to a new level yesterday with some apple picking. I drove out to see a friend who goes to Villanova and we decided to go apple picking it was so much fun even though it felt like it was a million degrees out. I’m ready for fall but apparently mother nature feels differently.  We went to a place in West Chester, PA, Highland Orchards. They had a great set up for kids with a petting zoo and face painting. It made my friend question why we didn’t have kids to bring with us shortly later a crying child gave her a migraine and reminded her about why she wasn’t ready for kids. I thought the kid was cute tears and all.


The stop we went to had 4 types of apples and we got a mix of them including, Cortland, Golden Delicious, Jonathan Gold, and Sun Fuji. We stuffed our bags with as many apples as possible which was hard because they were huge! But from what I’ve had so far they are crisp, juicy and delicious perfect for fall (even if its still really summer).

FullSizeRenderAfter we finished picking we rode their shuttle back towards the parking lot and after getting off I thought I smelled apple cider doughnuts. I followed my nose to the entrance of their market. I was right, they had a whole bakery with apple cider doughnuts and so much more including pies, breads, and whoopie pies. They also had a whole section of produce including everything from grapes and kale to potatoes. They also had my favorite apple cider, along with a bunch of dairy products. Outside the market they had pumpkins, gourds, and mums for sale. I couldn’t help but buy a few, which I will share in a post about my fall decor!


Once we got back to my friends apartment we scarfed down the chipotle we picked up for lunch and then got into baking mode! We each made our own mini apple pies. While my friend chose a classic lattice for her top crust I decided to get with the season and give mine a leave pattern!. They were warm and gooey and delicious!  Other plans I have for my apples include apple butter, caramel apple scones, and a classic, apples and peanut butter. I’ll put up posts on the first two once I make them.


All in all it was a great  weekend and as much fun as I had with the apples I had an even better time hanging out with my friend. We ate, drank wine, watched Netflix, and played with her cat. It was just like when we would spend time together in undergrad. Totally perfect!

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