Feeling Fall!


Now that is is officially fall I don’t feel so guilty about celebrating the season. Even though it continues to be scorching out I trying to make the best of it. Its to hot for sweaters, scarves, and hot beverages. I have to run may air conditioner which sucks form a myriad of reasons (especially the $$$). Even though I can’t enjoy all my favorite fall wardrobe pieces or stand to carry a hot coffee I’m doing my best to stay in the season. While the afternoons have been reaching 90 degrees but the mornings are chilly I used that to my advantage this morning to take a walk in my neighborhood and enjoy the changing leaves. Because it has been so warm it feel like the leaves shouldn’t be changing but they are! It is still early so there are still plenty of green on the trees but there are plenty spots with shades of yellow, orange, and red! I’ve been noticing it on my drive to school each morning when I’m driving and can’t stop to enjoy it. So this morning I decided to talk  a walk early, when it was still chilly and I’m so glad I did!


Lately I have been so busy with school that I haven’t had much free time and whatever time I do have I usually gets spent on sleep or watching tv just to settle down and relax.  During the past few weeks I’ve been walking miles each day on campus and come home exhausted so I haven’t really felt like I had the energy to or the desire to work out. But this morning I did and it was great. When I walk on campus I’m always walking to somewhere with some kind of stress or pressure to get where I’m going. This morning my walk was just for me. I didn’t have anywhere to be. It was just me go at my own pace to enjoy moving and enjoy being outside. I took my chances to stop and smell the roses or in my case stop and snap pictures of the foliage.


I loved my walk this morning and it reminded my how much I enjoy spending time outside and moving just for me to enjoy and feel good.  I was able to enjoy the crips of the fall leaves on under my feet and it was early enough that it was still cool and crisp like a nice fall day should be.  I’m not sure when I will have time to find time to go on walks or work out for fun during the week but I’m going to make it a priority on the weekends when I have more time. I also will try harder on weekdays to find time to move and or get outside. I’m not sure how well it will go but if I stay on top of things hopefully it will work sometimes! It is not a big step but hopefully it will help me achieve a little more balance in my life.


Let me know if you have any tips on balancing work and school and life or tips for enjoying the season! I hope your all enjoying the season and finding your own balance in life!

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